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    App para ahorrar electricidad en casa

More than an electricity meter

Mirubee helps you make visible the invisible! Mirubee is a home energy monitoring system in the cloud that allows you to know everything about the electricity consumption in your home. Discover the energy usage of each individual appliance, look at the instant power in real time, adjust the contracted power, choose the best electricity rates, improve habits of use of energy, etc. Ultimately, ¡mirubee helps you save money in your electricity bills!

There are other similar systems but mirubee is the only one that offers appliance-level information using one only main meter installed in the fuse box of the home. There is no need for using smartplugs (individual meters) on each appliance anymore!


Ver consumo de electricidad en tiempo real

Real time consumption

Energía consumida por electrodoméstico

Energy used by appliance

Ajustar la potencia contratada

Record of peak consumptions to adjust your contracted power

Recomendaciones personalizadas de tarifas de electricidad

Personalised recommendations for electricity rates

Distribución semanal del consumo

Weekly energy usage distribution

Históricos de consumo

Historical consumption

How to save energy at home

Mirubee in 3 steps

Install the meter

Install the electricity meter in the distribution panel of your home. Energy data is sent to mirubee servers through your home's WiFi.

Let mirubee work

Every night “INSPECTEE” analyze footprints of the electrical signal and find the individual consumption of your home appliances.

Start saving

With the energy x-ray of mirubee you have your home under control. ¡Our tips and tricks for energy saving will help you reduce your electricity bill!


What is inspectee technology? How it works?

Inspectee is a pattern recognition technology based on signal analysis using mathematical algorithms. Similar to a handwriting recognition or voice recognition, Inspectee analyzes energy charts for "electrical fingerprints" that can be associated with certain appliances.

Inspectee. Algoritmo NILM que reconoce consumos de electrodomésticos con una señal de electricidad

Here are several examples of electrical footprints:




washing machine







The refrigerator usually has a pattern of regular turning on and off. There is often a very characteristic peak in the turn on. It is the household appliance that spends the most energy since it works 24/7!

washing machine


The washing machine is characterized by drawing rapid swings in the signal (starts and stops of the motor that moves the clothes). Sometimes there is a big step of power at the beginning: it is the electrical resistance that heats the water. Hot washing spends a lot, about five times more than cold wash!



The dishwasher usually has three very clear operating stages: at first the water is heated, then the dishes are washed and at the end the drying is done. Heating the water and drying dishes is almost all consumption!



The microwave is characterized by stringing a series of similar, short and frequent steps of a short total duration. It is a very efficient appliance to heat, more than the oven or the electric hob!


All our meters are powered directly from the electrical panel, measure mains voltage, active and reactive power, and connect to the internet via WiFi. By measuring the mains voltage a very precise measurement can be obtained, unlike battery powered meters.

Mirubox V2

The most versatile device of mirubee. It allows to measure up to 3 single-phase circuits with interchangeable clamps of 2 sizes (general consumption, PV production, electric vehicle, etc.). No calibration required. It is the ideal meter for the home of the private customer.

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The most elegant single-phase and integrable device, it is always concealed and protected inside the electrical panel. Requires calibration (professional installation). Ideal meter for the management of holiday rentals, campsites, ports, etc. and for private housing with high aesthetic requirements.

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Equipment similar to the Moti-1 but in three-phase with neutral version. It is the most compact three phase meter on the market. It measures the voltage of each phase and its corresponding current always well aligned, free of installation errors. Requires calibration.

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Comparative chart

Mirubox v2 MOTI-1 MOTI-3N
Electrical system Single phase Single phase Three phase
Number of channels 3 1 4
Memory yes no no
Calibration required no yes yes
Hidden inside fusebox no yes yes
price 109,95€ 134,95€ 189,95€

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