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    Listen to your home

    The mirubee energy meters allow you to "listen" to the consumption of each household appliance in a simple and intelligent way.


    Connected to Internet

    Consult from any place all the information of your electricity consumption. Mirubee watches that everything goes well.

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    Act and save

    Discover real savings opportunities and optimize the use of electricity in your home. Choose the electric tariff that best suits your profile.


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How do you use your energy?

Visit our store and choose the meter model that best suits your needs. Start today to be more efficient.



Real time consumption

Know the electricity consumption of your house to the second. Visualize the step of electrical consumption when turning on/off each device.

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Energy used by each household appliance

Discover the consumption of each appliance separately (virtual submetering). Put the focus on the most relevant consumptions!

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Consumption history

Analyze your electricity usage profile by day, month or year.

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Adjust your power

Historical record of the electric consumption maxima. They will help you adjust the contracted power.

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Choose the best rate

Personalized recommendations for the electricity tariff that best suits your profile based on your history.

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Set alarms

Through the IFTTT platform mirubee notifies you if, for example, you exceed a certain power. Link your meter to other equipment compatible with IFTTT.

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Installing an energy meter is very simple! In this video you will see an example of step by step installation of a mirubox MONO.


Control your energy

Once you know, nothing prevents you from better using the electricity you consume.

Try mirubee without obligation and, if you're not satisfied, you can return it within 30 days after purchase.

Meet the mirubee platform.


Why mirubee?

Not all energy measurement systems are the same. This is what makes mirubee different:

  • System of "virtual submetering" that identifies by software individual consumptions of devices.
  • Direct power from the electrical panel (without batteries) with magnetic connectors.
  • Information of the measure to the second.
  • Integration API and IFTTT compatibility.
  • WiFi connectivity, without additional hubs.
  • It is a professional tool applied to the home.
  • Active energy measurement (the one used for billing), more accurate than that of battery meters (apparent power).


Fernando N.

"Thanks to mirubee I could see that the stand-by consumption of my house was very high. The main culprit was the air conditioning, which even turned off was still consuming!"


Patricia A.

"After a few months of use I was able to verify that it was convenient for me to change to a rate of time discrimination. Now I pay 15% less on my bill! I have already amortized the meter."


Bernardo P.

"Mirubee was ideal for sizing my photovoltaic installation. Currently I can see the home consumption and photovoltaic generation with a single meter. I love checking it every day!"