Use mirubee as a professional tool

If you need to monitor the consumption of multiple homes, do energy audits, re-invoice electricity costs or want to give a differentiating service to your customers, mirubee is your tool.

From the manager of mirubee you can control the electricity consumption of your clients, the meters connection status, download of massive data, manage access permissions, user registrations and cancellations, etc.

In addition, with the API you can integrate all the information in your systems or easily create your own custom platform supported on mirubee systems.


Energy consultant


Make your energy audits or consumption studies of your domestic customers, social housing or educational projects.

Photovoltaic installer


Optimally size the photovoltaic installations of your clients based on their actual consumption profile and supervise the proper performance of the systems already installed.

Apartment manager


Bill the actual electricity consumption in your tourist apartments, student residences, campsites, marinas, etc. Set alarms for excess consumption.

Electric company


Offer a differentiating service to your customers and open a new channel of communication and marketing with them. Use the API to use the full power of mirubee with your own brand identity.


Contact mirubee

Ask us all the questions you have: options of the platform, possibilities of the customer management environment, brand customization, distribution in other countries, license cost, volume discounts, etc.



Teresa P.

"We received an order from the town hall to conduct energy audits in various social housing where electricity consumption was almost higher than rent. The mirubee solution helped us make a very good energy x-ray of the house."


José Mª S.

"To the customers to whom I install solar panels for self-consumption, I always leave a mirubee meter with which to keep track of what they produce and consume. For the customer it's very useful and I can see from the office if everything works fine in that installation."


Alberto B.

"The geriatric that we manage is structured in small individual apartments for each elder. We buy electricity through only one supply for the whole building and then we distribute that bill proportionally to the consumption of each apartment. Every month we download from the platform of mirubee the consumption data in an excel file."


Silvia P.

"We have an educational project that aims to show high school students how the consumption of electricity in homes is structured and how that affects the family bill. We purchased several electric meters that we install in a different group of houses quarterly. Then we compare the data of all and their invoices and share the actions that have been taken to be more efficient."


Ramón T.

"In our small utility we look for ways to differentiate ourselves from others by offering value-added services to our customers (with our own brand!). We like that our customers have control of what they consume at all times. In addition, these data can serve as a basis to offer an energy consulting service later."